MARA Student Shared How He Started A Business At 17-Years-Old And Made It Successful

While most high school graduates are still figuring out their career and life paths, the founder-cum-owner of Wara Air Cond & Electrical Supply has set his goal of running his own business whilst he was still in his teens.

23-year-old Wan Aiman Wan Efendi shared with Harian Metro that he began venturing into business even when he was still in school.

“I’ve been interested in business since I was a child. In school, I’ve accumulated prior experience on a small scale by selling mobile phones and clothing.

“When I was 17 years old, I had my own company and ventured into the air-conditioning maintenance field after I noticed the extensive opportunities that it holds,” he shared with the daily.

“Even though I’ve yet to accumulate relevant skills and equipment at that point of time, I still continued to explore and garnered knowledge bit by bit coupled with my sheer determination to do business.”

And his determination was evident when the young lad made the decision to pursue an education in the particular field upon graduating from high school.

“With my mother’s advice and encouragement, I began to hone the necessary skills needed in the air-conditioning maintenance field at the MARA Skills Institute (IKM) in Kuala Lumpur for two years, whilst running a part-time business,” he added.

“I then worked with an air-conditioning company for a year as a means to gain experience, which has helped polish my skill aside from providing me with a window of opportunity and the know-how of operating such business.”

Wan Aiman credited his continuously seeking more knowledge has helped his business to grow aside from constant prayers and blessings of his parents.

“I’m lucky as my family has always given full support and my parent’s prayers and blessings also contributed a lot to my successes.”

He added that the nature of being loquacious and not overbearing has also been helpful, especially in getting advice from those with experience.

“Every day is a new day so there must be something new to be learnt – just that we have to be smart and do not be shy about asking.

“I also encourage my staff to always ask and notto be arrogant because arrogance always lose,” he said.

The eldest of five siblings said that although he had been cheated once, he is not daunted and instead will promptly bounce back and take the challenge as a phase to help him mature further in business.

“As I’ve mentioned, to get to this point is not easy because challenges are everywhere. I see it as a motivation to become stronger and successful in business,” he said.

Wan Aiman ​​also acknowledged that many sacrifices – aside from remaining patient and focused – are to be made to achieve any success.

“My business may look comfortable, but it is not easy or there is always a few hiccups along the way. I started from a small-scale business and at the beginning there were many challenges that need to be ovecome and the answer is not always straightforward.

“What is important is that we need to be focused and not break easily. Focus on your goals so that we can find ways and opportunities to achieve it,” he said.

Wan Aiman ​​is also planning to open a new branch in Klang and Puchong within the next few years.


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