MRSM: Nurturing Students In Rural Areas With The Best Education System

Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah and Raja Permaisuri of Perak Tuanku Zara Salim visiting an exhibition in Sultan Azlan Shah MRSM in Kuala Kangsar on Thursday. (Picture by Muhaizan Yahya

Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah and Raja Permaisuri of Perak Tuanku Zara Salim visiting an exhibition in Sultan Azlan Shah MRSM in Kuala Kangsar on Thursday. (Picture by Muhaizan Yahya).

SULTAN of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah officiated at the renaming ceremony of the Kuala Kangsar Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) here on Thursday, to the Sultan Azlan Shah MRSM.

It is named after his father and the 34th ruler of the state, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah.

In a brief address, Sultan Nazrin proclaimed the change of name and signed a plaque to commemorate the occasion. occassion.

The MRSM colleges nationwide are significant for their contribution in empowering the Bumiputeras through education.

The Sultan Azlan Shah MRSM, located on 20ha of land hectares of land at Lot 2344, Liman Kati, Kuala Kangsar, was established on July 6, 2015, with 36 management and administration staff under its principal, Shahrome Daud.

After about more than two years in operation, Sultan Azlan Shah MRSM has grown to 725 students; 347 male and 378 female students, 51 teachers and 29 support staff.

The eighth MRSM in the state and 50th in the country has became a catalyst to the educational development at the Kota Lama Kiri area.

The strategic location, located 15km away from Kuala Kangsar town and a 10- minutes journey from the North South Expressway Kuala Kangsar toll exit, it offers easy access and mobility for parents and students. It also plays a vital role in developing the locals in economic and social sectors.

The MRSM education system focuses on four different domains that have been carefully planned — curriculum development, student growth, professional advancement, facilities and service improvement.

This is in accordance with the STREAM emphasis —, in Science; Technology; Religion; Engineering; Arts and Mathematics. ; in the MRSM education system.

Rural and Regional Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the students from rural areas should be nurtured with from the best educational system at Mara educational institutions, such as MRSM, to produce first class human capital at a global level, armed with integrity to face future challenges.

”In conjunction with the ministry’’s transformational agenda, with Mara as an agency under it, we are committed to make Mara as an important agency to in carrying out its responsibility and to ensure that the rural communities nationwide do not miss out in the era of modernisation.

Mara prioritises rural students, the hardcore poor and urban poor with several forms of forms of assistance, such as financial and school equipment aid, based on the social and economic status level of the student.

This in done with the hope that the students would then become the agents of change to the rural communities, Ismail said. he added.

Ismail Sabri said there were many successful Malaysian icons in Malaysia who were former MRSM students. These include the nation’’s first astronaut Dr Syed Sheikh Muzafffar Shukor and AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Kamaruddin Meranun, a well-known Bumiputera corporate figure at international level.

The MRSM’s history of MRSM can be traced back to when Mara requested for an special allocation for development expenditure over a five-year period in a paper, named the “Batik Paper” with the aim of building a Bumiputera secondary education institution, known as Mara Junior Science College. It usesd the New York Bronx High School of Science model.

The cost of first MRSM in Seremban was RM1 million, in which where two teachers from New York Bronx High School of Science . were brought in to write MRSM’s framework as what is seen today.

At that time, the MRSM syllabus was the same as government schools. However, the curriculum implementation was different, where the learning session required students to search for the information themselves, based on the learning by discovery method.

In 1972, the first MRSM in Seremban started its operations with an the first intake of 150 students. The building was a renovated Negeri Sembilan Institute of Public Administration (Intan) Training Centre, which consisted of three laboratories, five classrooms, an office garage and a dining hall.

Now with 52 MRSM nationwide and more than 175,000 graduates, students having graduated from the college, most of the alumni have gone on to forge careers as political leaders, corporate and government leaders, government department directors, successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

Various innovations were executed by Mara at MRSM colleges nationwide, such as the implementation of two-certificate, a collaboration of national and international co-curriculum such as International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the Ulul Albab programme.

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