MARA Digital’s sole supplier: Huge stocks, no complaints


PETALING JAYA: MARA Digital Mall’s sole supplier, WGN Scan Sdn Bhd (WGN Scan), has denied complaints that the mall’s traders in Kuala Lumpur were facing a “shortage” of supplies.
Instead, its general manager Wan Mohd Zaffique Wan Mohd Zin said there was a large amount of stock and traders had not complained about a lack of inventory.

“We run a survey every month. Traders will fill in forms, make proposals or complaints. But I have never heard of anyone having an issue with stocks,” he told FMT.
He was responding to complaints that MARA Digital Mall traders were running out of stocks and this could impact customers’ confidence.

Yesterday, FMT quoted trader Mohamad Fadzly Rahmat as saying there was an issue with running out of stocks as many of the customers complained that the items they wanted were not available.

Zaffique only admitted receiving complaints about the lack of marketing.
This led to many not knowing of the existence of the MARA Digital Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

“Many still don’t know about MARA Digital Mall. This is true as we have not promoted the mall on a big scale yet.
“It has only been a year. Next year, we will get on radio and television to spread the news about MARA Digital Mall.”

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